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Civil Litigation

The firm has extensive litigation experience, at both the trial and appellate levels. All current firm members have experience in private practice and for local government, giving the client the benefit of broad perspectives in our approach to solving problems…

Business Law

The firm offers a full range of services covering virtually every phase of business, corporate and commercial activity. Our corporate practice includes several subgroups, such as banking and commercial transactions, collections, bankruptcy, business planning…

Trust & Estates

The firm assists clients in simple as well as complex estate planning, including preparation of wills, probate avoidance trusts, life insurance trusts, defective grantor trusts, irrevocable trusts, powers of attorneys, and medical directives…

Family Law

The law firm represents family and domestic matters, meeting the needs of clients during both divorce and custody disputes. Having an advocate who is able to navigate the logistical steps during the pendency of a divorce or custody matter…



For over 100 years, the Logan, Utah attorneys of Harris, Preston & Chambers, LLP have played a prominent role in the history of Cache Valley. Serving local and regional clients throughout Utah and southern Idaho, several firm members have continued that service in the state judiciary, public service organizations, or as county attorneys in Cache County and Rich County.

Today, the firm is active in local civic and cultural affairs, and continues the tradition of providing quality legal services and diligent representation to clients throughout Logan, Ogden, Park City, Salt Lake, and Utah. The Logan, Utah lawyers of Harris, Preston & Chambers, LLP regularly practice throughout the state, including the counties of Box Elder, Cache, Rich, Weber, Morgan, Davis, Salt Lake, Summit, Tooele, Utah & Wasatch.

Elite legal services and personal attention — when results matter.

  • How We Can Help You

    Looking for lawyers in Logan, Utah? We provide high quality, client-centered legal counsel to our clients, located in northern Utah and beyond. We maintain up-to-date expertise in a variety of practice areas to best serve your needs. The combined experience of our attorneys represents over 100 years of legal experience, and our firm has served the community for more than 105 years. Our attorneys have trained at many of the top universities and law schools in the country, including New York University, University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Cornell, and Brigham Young University.

  • How to Request a Consultation

    Contact a staff member at 435.752.3551 to make an appointment with an attorney specializing in one or more of our practice areas. If you need assistance finding the member of our team to meet your specific needs, please contact our offices and we can recommend one of our attorneys based on experience and availability. Please note that the initial consultation fee will depend upon the time involved, but we typically do not offer free consultations unless it relates to personal injury.

  • Our Location

    Located at 31 Federal Avenue in historic downtown Logan, Utah, just off Main Street between 100 North and 200 North, our law firm has operated from its present location in central Logan for more than 55 years. Directions are available here. If you have any questions regarding directions or parking, please feel free to contact our offices at 435.752.3551.


  • icon-4Mary G.
    Thorough, competent, quality, and reasonably priced.


    A family member had need of legal help with three different complex needs (outstanding warrants, fines, divorce, custody issues). Brett Chambers was able to resolve these matters satisfactorily. He went above and beyond what I know any other attorney might do, in researching and making sure the family member's rights were protected, and cases resolved in his favor. He also treated his client with the utmost dignity and respect, keeping him well informed on the status of the various cases, and clearly spelling out exactly what the client needed to do next. As a result, the family member now has a good full time job with no fear of warrants. He has a divorce. Child support is reasonable and visitation will now occur.

    Brett has restored this person's functioning in society. This law firm previously created living wills and advanced health care directives for my husband and I, and updated them for a very minimal fee to be HIPPA compliant.

  • icon-2Vince B.
    Trustworthy, Highly Experienced and instill Confidence


    I am a business owner who needed to initiate a claim against my municipality and could not find any other attorneys to take on this case. I went to Joe Chambers who immediately took interest in the case, very objectively explained to me the merits of the case, and specifically added all the possible challenges and downsides. I was immediately impressed with his in-dept knowledge of the law and his experience in many cases in complex disputes with municipalities. I liked the fact that he did not hesitate to tell me when I was wrong or my expectations were not realistic- he stuck to the law, the facts and realistic outcomes. We proceeded, and Joe took a lot of time researching other similar cases around the country and even reached out other legal advocacy groups involved in similar issues to become more informed.

    With that knowledge and his experience, Joe Chambers found ways to navigate through city channels and convince relevant officials that our case had merit and may affect them adversely. We prevailed, without having to go through a trial, and in effect, Joe's work ended up changing the way the city approached this issue with future businesses, and paved the way for other new ventures start and not have to do what we did. I am impressed with Joe Chamber's desire to achieve the outcome I desired - especially considering options other then a lawsuit which was more effective and less costly. Joe Chambers has an immense knowledge of the law and had a clear way of educating me on how it worked. He always responded to my calls and emails promptly, even though I realized I was a very small client for him - I felt he always made my case a priority, and was going to do what needed to be done, and protect my interests.

  • icon-2Judy G.
    Excellent Service


    We are a Utah church that needed assistance with drafting and filing non-profit articles of incorporation for tax exempt status. Mr. Brett Chambers provided all the legal expertise we needed in a very professional and timely manner. We truly appreciated how knowledgeable he was, not to mention a delight to work with. Also, the secretary was very helpful and kind. Quite pleased!..I have already recommended this attorney/firm to others.



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